Wedding Invitations on a Budget

With the average cost of wedding invitations in the UK ranging from £250 - £500 (up to thousands for luxury, bespoke designs), many couples are going down alternative routes to find more budget-friendly options.

When planning a wedding, it seems like the word 'wedding' itself seems to add an inflated cost to almost everything, so saving just a few pennies here and there can make a big difference.


Completely foregoing printed wedding invitations and using a wedding website instead can be a great way to save money. Wedding websites can be as advanced as you want them to be, from simply informing your guests about the date and venue location, to collecting RSVPs and menu preferences, storing your gift list registry and notifying guests of updates.

Screenshot of an example wedding website
Wedding website, image taken from Hitched

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start when it comes to building a website. If you happen to know any website developers, they may be happy to help (perhaps in exchange for a small fee or some free drinks at the wedding!). There are also many website builders online where you can drag-and-drop the elements you want onto each page without needing any technical knowledge. These are some of the most popular wedding website builders:

  • Say I Do - free up to 100 guests, premium plans from £23
  • Joy - free, with ‘premium services’ available at an additional cost
  • Getting Married - free, with premium plan for £99
  • Squarespace - starts from £10 a month

If you are considering a website, it’s helpful to consider the guests you will be inviting. Do they all have easy access to the internet? Are they tech-savvy? For guests who are unlikely to respond online, you may want to consider one of the options below.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Ok, so this option won’t be for everyone. But if you already have a keen eye for design, then designing and printing your own wedding invitations may be a good option. Being in control of the dimensions, paper type and envelopes of your invitations also means you are more in control of the budget, but there are a couple of things to be mindful of.

Printing yourself vs a print company

Going the DIY route means you have the option to print your invitations yourself. Be warned: most home printers aren’t suited to printing on heavy cardstock. Always check the manual to find the exact limitations of your own printer. Don’t be disheartened - you can still achieve good quality invitations and if we’re being realistic we know that most will get thrown in the recycling anyway! But if you’re looking for something luxurious, you’re very unlikely to be able to achieve those dream 400gsm textured invitations on your standard home printer.


If you’re on a budget, our recommendation is always: don’t spend too much on envelopes, they only get ripped open anyway! As a rough guide, you should look for envelopes that are at least 90 gsm - anything under this is better suited for business letters. Stationery stores often sell multipacks of white or kraft envelopes which look great for classic and rustic themed weddings.

Wedding invitation set with colourful mini pom-poms
DIY rainbow pom-pom stationery. Image and tutorial from Imagine DIY
Burgundy wedding invitation set with laser cut design
DIY luxury wax-sealed invitations. Image and tutorial from Imagine DIY
Blush pink watercolour invitations
DIY watercolour invitations. Image from Oh So Beautiful Paper


If you live close by to friends and family that will be invited to your wedding, consider going for walk and posting your invitations directly through their door. You save the cost of some stamps and, as a bonus, get your daily step count in!

Downloadable Templates

One step away from designing your own invites are downloadable designs, where you purchase a wedding invitation design but are responsible for the printing yourself. These normally come in two forms:

  • templates which are personalised for you and ready to print
  • templates which are provided in an editable format, e.g: Photoshop, for you to personalise yourself
Black geometric patterned downloadable wedding invitation template
Downloadable geometric wedding invitation template, by Roseate Cards
Simple downloadable wedding invitation template
Simple downloadable wedding invitation template, by Truly Elegant Prints (Etsy)

At Roseate Cards, we have a range of downloadable wedding stationery sets which we personalise before sending to you - all you need to do is find a printer!


All-In-One wedding invitations are a great way of getting that luxurious professional wedding invitation feel without breaking the bank. They can be done in a variety of ways, but they all feature multiple folds of card so you can include as much information as possible. Some all-in-one cards specify that they are “seal-and-send” which means the invitation folds up and can be mailed without the need for a separate envelope.

All-In-One invitations are cheaper because they use only one sheet of paper. If you ask people to RSVP to a wedding website, email address or phone number, there’s also no need for additional RSVP cards and envelopes.

Blush floral all-in-one send-and-seal wedding invitation
Blush floral all-in-one send-and-seal wedding invitation, by Ivory Invitations (Etsy)
All-in-one send-and-seal wedding invitation with green and ivory floral design
Classic white and green all-in-one send-and-seal wedding invitation, by InvitedinStyle (Etsy)
Dusky blue concertina fold-out wedding invitation
Dusky blue concertina fold-out wedding invitation, by ElleBeeDesignUK (Etsy)

Splashing Out

Wedding invitations really can range from the budget options we’ve seen here to thousands of pounds. If money isn’t an issue, here are a couple of additional extras that you might want to include:

  • vellum sheets
  • stickers
  • ribbon
  • belly bands
  • pearlescent or textured cardstock

If you’re interested in the above, then check out our luxury wedding stationery sets.